body care

salus heat pillow

Named after Salus, the ancient roman goddess of health & prosperity, this gorgeous australian made range of body care products is spa inspired & designed to help you relax, calm the mind, nourish the body & reconnect. The salus range contains powerful botanicals, natural plant extracts & pure essential oils making them plant rich & natural. All packaging is recyclable & reusable. 


Every heat pillow is made by hand in Melbourne & filled with barley sourced directly from Australian farmers. 


Lavender & jasmine

A soothing blend of organic lavender, wild jasmine & australian barley for relaxation & muscle relief.


Lemon myrtle & ginger

An uplifting blend of organic lemon myrtle, restorative ginger & australian wheat for invigorating & rejuvenating tired muscles.


Dimensions 38 x 14 cm