mabu mabu

Charismatic first nations chef Nornie Bero champions the tastes of native flavours in everyday cooking by unlocking the secrets of australian herbs, spices, vegetables & fruits. Nornie grew up on the island of Mer in the torres strait but now works in melbourne in her mabu mabu restaurant known for its innovative & delicious australian indigenous food. Mabu mabu means help yourself reflecting Nornie's approach to cooking. Simple accessible delicious & colourful her native pantry includes seeds, succulents, nuts, plants & herbs. Recipes include pumpkin & wattleseed damper, saltbush butter, quangdong relish, pickled karkalla & pulled wild boar. Nornie also shares her knowledge of foraging, sourcing & substitutions as well as the story of her formative years foraging, fishing & cooking alongside her father on Mer island.