basket by the door

Nothing says 'i love you, I've got you & I'm here' better than a parcel of food you've taken time to make, wrap & deliver. Season by season here are 130 recipes to cook for loved ones who might be moving house, busy with a newborn, celebrating a milestone, recovering after illness, grieving or just in need of a little love & appreciation. A basket by the door is friendship, connection & heartfelt hospitality made edible. Recipes for sharing & giving on every occasion. An easy bundle of fresh dips & lavosh biscuits to take along to drinks; portable breakfast to surprise a friend; a sturdy picnic cake & sandwiches in a basket for lunch; comforting ragu & chocolate mousse to enjoy while wallowing on the couch; ideas to take when invited to dinner or a weekend away. Food writer Sophie Hansen shows you ways to connect & show you care with food are endless. Hardcover.