fink oval droplet earrings

Fink is an iconic australian brand. Designed & made by hand by skilled craftspeople. We've been proudly stocking fink products for many years & it's a brand that's close to our heart. A lot of care & attention to detail goes into designing & making their products. The designs are modern yet timeless & the people who buy fink often buy it year after year building a collection of these wonderful pieces. It's one of those products that is perfect as a gift for special occasions like anniversaries, graduations, weddings , engagements & milestone birthdays. Yet their pieces are practical & functional enough for everyday use. Crafted in small batches no two pieces are the same. 


The droplet earrings shapes are juxtaposed against earch other through the deliberate contrast of two materials - one part anodised aluminium & one part polished stainless steel. The reflective mirror finish of the polished surface balances the softness of the aluminium. The earrings move gently as you move creating their own melody. 


Dimensions length 50 mm including hook width 30 mm