fruit tube

Created by the fink design team the fruit tube is a functional vessel and sculptural centre piece that fits comfortably on a dining table, side board, coffee table or board room table. The four shapes are designed to hold a variety of fruit including apples, pears, citrus and passionfruit. Each piece is individually formed using Robert Foster's unique water forming process which creates natural and balanced organic shapes that are then cut to reveal the luminescent colour inside each form. The interior of the tubes has been crafted to create a reflective surface that bounces the light off the colourful anodising allowing the piece to catch the light and glow from inside. The contrasting textured black powder coated exterior highlights the shape and colour or each piece. Edamame is anodised lime referencing a soybean pod. Quill has a gold interior and can be hung vertically as well as laid horizontally on a surface. Pod is red on the inside and was inspired by the native australian kurrajong seed pod. Wave has an aqua interior and mimics a wave unfolding near the shore. 



edamame 72 x 13 cm

quill 68 x 10 cm

pod 48 x 15 cm

wave 52 x 13 cm