pf candle co. room spray

An effortless fine scented mist to spray around your room or on your linen for a fragrance boost. Handmade in Los Angeles from spring water & fine fragrance oils. Packaged in a reusable amber glass bottle. 58ml. 


Amber & moss

A weekend in the mountains, sun gleaming through the canopy. Sage, moss & lavender


Black fig

Backyard fruit trees. Something baking in the oven. A little spicy & just sweet enough. Evergreen, mission fig & spice. 


Sandalwood rose

new york meets los angeles. Cashmere, rose, oud & sandalwood


Sweet grapefruit 

ice cold lemonade. Dinner on the patio with your favourite people. Grapefuit, yuzu & lemon


Golden coast

big sur magic, wild sage baking in the sun, the rumble of waves on rocks. Eucalyptus, sea salt, redwood & palo santo



inspired by a mexican holiday. Amber, cedar, black pepper & patchouli.