baby uber beeswax wraps

These beautiful beeswax products are handcrafted in small batches by Cate & her team from 100% pure australian beeswax. Natural beeswax is an extraordinary material. Australian beeswax is the most pure beeswax in the world as it is free from chemical residues & adulteration. 


Beeswax wraps are a natural, biodegradable alternative to plastic wrap. Simply wrap around food items (cheese, fruit, vegetables & bread), bowl or plate of food to create a seal. The wraps will stick to themselves using the warmth of your hands. Made with pure cotton fabric, pure australian beeswax, organic coconut oil & tree resin. This size is perfect for most vegetables including large ones like celery & spinach. 


Cleaning: rinse between uses in lukewarm water with a mild dish soap. If the wraps start to look worn after use lay between sheets of baking paper & iron or place on baking paper in a 110 degree oven for a few minutes.


Dimensions 50 x 54 cm