native happiness tea

Roogenic is a small family owned health food company specialising in australian native botanicals. Their philosophy is to share the health benefits & traditional uses of native australian plants. They work with first nations communities and small farmers around australia to produce organically grown and wild harvested ingredients that have been selected for their natural properties. Roogenic teas can be enjoyed hot or cold. Made in australia. 100% natural and organic. Pack of 18 biodegradable tea bags in a biodegradable recyclable box. Loose leaf comes in a lovely reusable tin with artwork by first nations artist Kevin Bynder. 


A fresh mango flavoured blend to keep you happily hydrated. Blended with australian native jilungin that is traditionally use for its calming properties. 100% caffeine free.

Ingredients: Organically grown lemon myrtle, freeze dried mango, wild jilungin, wild aniseed myrtle, mint, passionflower, ginseng.