ha ko black paper incense

Ha ko is one of japan's oldest & most loved incense makers. Traditional craftsmanship & an unmistakable japanese aesthetic are shown in these amazing paper incense leaves. The fragrance infused washi paper burns for up to seven minutes & fills your space with beautiful fragrance from natural essential oils. The leaves can also be left unburnt for use as a potpourri.


Presented in a hand crafted japanese paper box that contains six scented leaves & a non combustible mat.



A relaxing scent reminiscent of a quiet forest.

Notes of vetiver, cypress, hiba & bergamot combine to relieve tension & calm the mind.



Promotes concentration.

Notes of vibrant lemongrass stimulate the body & mind while clove will enhance feelings of wellness.



Prepare for a restful sleep.


Sweet & gentle scents of lavender & cedar combine to relax. 


Dimensions leaves 8.5 x 3 cm  box 9.5 x 3.5 cm