what do I really want to achieve?

This is a great tool for helping us focus on what we need to be fulfilled so that we can direct our energies & thoughts most effectlvely. Finding your way can be one of life's greatest challenges. What do I really want to achieve? from the school of life asks the tough questions you need to help you figure out what's important to you & set you on a good path. The box contains 160 cards that represent possible goals & priorities. There are 140 goals & priorities arranged into ten catagories corresponding to the areas of life we all need to focus on in order to find fulfilment - body, family, friendship, leisure, love, meaning, money, mood, self & work. Twenty blank cards are included to write down any goals & priorities not included in the set. Figuring out what matters & working out a way to balance those priorities is a powerful way to shape the life you're after & a useful thing to revisit over time as your goals shift & change. The school of life was founded in London in 2008 & is devoted to allowing people to think intelligently about emotional concerns. 


Dimensions 16 x 12 x 2 cm