day creme facial moisturiser

Handmade in a rural darwin studio surrounded by mango trees these gorgeous brightly boxed products are lovely to use & all natural. Made from solid bars so no bottles or jars required. Plastic free packaging & compostable boxes so they are truly zero waste. Biodegradable, vegan, silicone free & certified palm oil free.


Boosted with calming chamomille & soothing rose oils this everyday soild moisturiser protects & hydrates the skin ensuring smooth soft skin. Suitable for most skin types a little goes a long way. Each pack contains three bars. 


Directions for use

Gently pat the bar to cheeks, forehead, chin & neck then softly press to spread the creme into the skin including lips, earlobes & decolletage. Suitable for everyday use. For best results apply to clean skin. In cooler weather you may need to warm the bar in your hands before applying. In warm weather store the bar in the fridge between uses. To keep your bar fresh store in a cool dark place out of direct sunlight.