viva handmade soap

Handmade in a rural darwin studio surrounded by mango trees these brightly boxed products are lovely to use & all natural. Plastic free packaging & compostable boxes making them truly zero waste. Biodegradable, vegan, silicon free & certified palm oil free. 


Patchouli rose 

Perfect for all skin types. Patchouli has natural antibacterial & antifungal properties combined with rose geranium to balance skin tone & texture. This ultra nourishing wash is boosted with plant & nut oils including creamy cleansing red australian clay & african shea butter. Fresh & floral notes leave your skin smelling divine. Wash away the tensions of a busy life to feel nurtured, calm & emotionally centred.



Cinnamon orange & patchouli 

Give your skin a wake up with zesty creamy bubbles. Cinnamon, sweet orange & patchouli revitalise & brighten skin tone & texture leaving your skin smooth, soft & cleansed.



Lavender scrub 

A weekly exfoliation is a great way to improve skin health, tone & texture. Exfoliation refines the pores of your skin, removes build up of dry skin & impurities & opens the way for moisturising. This blend of creamy pink clay, crushed walnut shell & lavender works to detoxify the skin leaving it feeling smooth & soft. Use this blend directly after exercise when your natural cleansing systems are fully activated. Lavender acts as a natural antiseptic & calms the skin. Inhale the perfume to refresh the senses. Lavender scrub soap is also effective for acne prone skin. 



Suitable for everyday use on most skin types. Fresh spearmint has a gentle cooling effect on the skin while calming & soothing the senses. A soothing wash for acne prone skin. 



Lemon myrtle 

Maintain healthy skin tone & texture with this refreshing daily detox bar. Lemon myrtle stimulates skin circulation & is a natural astringent removing oily build up on the skin. A good blend for acne prone skin. Use it on a soft cotton face washer once or twice a week to improve skin texture.



Rose geranium 

This creamy everyday balance bar is suitable for all skin types. Boosted with pink clay to help reduce blocked pores & refine skin tone & texture. The delicate floral fragrance leaves you calm & emotionally centred. The balance bar is also effective for acne prone skin. Use once or twice a week with a soft cotton face washer for a gentle cleanse.



Citrus scrub 

This scrubby wash is perfect to remove impurities especially after a sweaty workout. Deep cleansing citrus oils detoxify the skin acting as an astringent & natural deodoriser. Crushed walnut shells exfoliate your skin leaving it smooth & soft.