petite night serum face oil

Handmade in a rural darwin studio surrounded by mango trees these gorgeous brightly boxed products are lovely to use & all natural. Made from solid bars they don't need bottles or jars. The packaging is plastic free & the boxes are compostable so they are truly zero waste. Biodegradable, vegan, silicone free & certified palm oil free.


A slow release intensive night serum that feeds your skin a gorgeous blend of nurturing plant oils perfect for reviving dry sun damaged skin. Suitable for most skin types a little goes a long way.


Directions for use

Gently pat the bar to your cheeks, forehead, chin & neck then softly press to distribute the serum into the skin including lips, earlobes & decolletage. For best results apply three or four times a week or as needed to freshly cleansed skin just before sleep.