castile soap

Handmade in a rural darwin studio surrounded by mango trees these gorgeous products are lovely to use & all natural. Made from solid bars that don't need bottles or jars. The packaging is plastic free & boxes are compostable making them truly zero waste. Biodegradable, vegan, silicon free & certified palm oil free.  


Wonderfully scented castile soap based on a recipe developed in ancient Aleppo. Each bar contains at least 76% pure olive oil & creates a gently creamy lather. Suitable for most skin types & everyday use.


Lemongrass cedar & rosemary

Gentle purifying green clay combined with fresh cedarwood, rosemary & lemongrass give a zesty wash. 


Lemon myrtle & star anise

Zesty lemon myrtle combined with the sweet woody perfume of aniseed. Swirls of black clay gently draw out impurities.


Orange lime & lemon myrtle

A zesty citrus hit of three essential oils to lift the spirits.


Peppermint spirulina & poppyseed

Fresh & cooling peppermint combined with gentle exfoliating poppyseeds to remove dead skin cell build up & spirulina to cleanse the pores.


Rosemary & clove

Boosted with fresh rosemary & earthy clove essential oil to leave you feeling fresh & rejuvenated.