dish & laundry bar

Handmade in a rural darwin studio surrounded by mango trees these gorgeous products are lovely to use & all natural. Made from solid bars that don't need bottles or jars. The packaging is plastic free & boxes are compostable making them truly zero waste. Biodegradable, vegan, silicon free & certified palm oil free. 


A clever multi-purpose bar for natural household cleaning that reliably delivers a sparkling clean finish. Two subtle fragrances - zesty citrus & fresh lavender. Store the bar on a soap dish to keep well drained. 100% biodegradable so suitable for septic systems. 


For dishes: wet bar & apply to a dishcloth to create a lather or use one of our soap shakers.


For laundry: add a tablespoon of grated soap to each load of washing. Suitable for front & top loading machines.