mr voss candle

A luxuriously scented soy wax candle in modern minimal brass container. Beautifully gift boxed. Hand poured in Australia. Burn time 55 hours. 



The air carries the scent of promise, prosperous with exotic fruit & sandalwood. As foreign soles imprint the soft benevolent earth Columbus charts the breadth of the continent declaring his new world home. A fruity ozonic fragrance with musky undertones.

Head notes: cassis  fig

Heart notes: cinnamon  clove  lavender  rose

Base notes: amber  oak  musk  patchouli  sandalwood


Don Vitone

Shines within this calculated concrete jungle. The urban empire he's come to rule. Concealed in smoky mystique he strides the line between scandal & honour forging his own path. Sharp spicy head notes complement a smoky base.

Head notes: cardamom  clove  mandarin

Heart notes: geranium  rose

Base notes: musk  patchouli  sandalwood  tobacco  tonka bean


Signor Casanova

Cataloguing memoirs in worn leather journals. Animal impulses surge beneath refined understated prose. Bid by the spell of Casanova's pen, a lifetime of wooded meetings biting kisses & clandestine victories rise from the pages. Fresh notes balance sweet citrus scents.

Head notes: armoise  bergamot  grapefruit  lime

Heart notes: conifer  cypress

Base notes: labdanum  patchouli  tonka bean


Mister frost 

When the chill drifts in on the shifting winds Mister frost makes his annual pilgrimage to the mountain. Caressed by the needles of one thousand mischievous pines he climbs on upward to the summit. At the pinnacle he pauses. With one foot on the air he lets the snow carry him home. An enticing woody fragrance with spicy heart notes. 


Dimensions 11 x 10 cm