essential plant care kit

Give the gift of thriving plants all year round. A boxed set of essentials for fast growth, healthy leaves and strong resilient roots. Everything needed to care for indoor plants through every season. The perfect gift for the plant obsessed people in your life. Organically made in australia (certified by NASAA organic). Scientifically tested, safe for all plants and odour free. 100% natural and organic ingredients. Pet safe. 



Grow concentrate - full of microbes, nutrients and enzymes to grow healthy plants. A blend of organic elements diverted from landfill, processed by australian worms then brewed for a plantpowering kick. Suitable to use throughout the year. 

Protect spray - a special microbial blend combined with neem oil to provide broad spectrum protection and remedy environmental stressors that make plants struggle. Ingredients: lemon myrtle, eucalyptus, chitosan, neem. 

Support pellets - the perfect soil and root builder to transform your soil into a complex ecosystem ripe for growth. Organic ingredients are diverted from landfill, fed to australian worms then slowly preserved to capture all that goodness.