fun friend playset

The perfect companion for bedtime cuddling & make believe adventures. Includes 3D pop out furniture & the packaging doubles as a play scene.


Beatrice the bear

Inside this art studio playset is beatrice the bear who loves to paint & draw in her sketchbook. She has soft plush fur & a friendly smile. Make your own mini beatrice sized paintings.


Frances the fox

Inside this library playset you'll meet frances the fox who adores reading a good book in his comfy yellow chair. He has his own mini frances sized book that you can read aloud.


Rubie the rabbit

A kitchen playset with rubie the rambunctious rabbit who loves to cook & bake delicious food. She has her own little rubie sized recipe book that you can make for her. The recipe is real so you can make it too.


Theodore the tiger

A sweet music room playset with theodore the terrific tiger who loves to write & play music. He comes with a mini tiger sized music book so that you can sing along.