body care

butt naked scrub

Free yourself from stress with these deliciously scented relaxing salt scrubs & bath soaks. Made in australia. Natural fragrance. Cruelty free. Vegan & organic plant based. 5% of profits donated to melbourne animal shelter 'save a dog scheme'. Certified palm oil free by the Orangutan Alliance Organisation. 


Coconut & lemon

A fresh citrus body scrub that gently cleanses & moisturises leaving your skin hydrated & rejuvenated Enriched with anti oxidants & vitamin e for hydration & skin repair. Poppy seeds exfoliate dead skin cells to help maintain glowing skin. Hydrates dry cracked skin. Gentle exfoliation which is ideal for sensitive skin.


Coffee & epsom

Wake up & recharge with a hit of ground coffee in this deliciously scented scrub. Coffee grounds contain magnesium which produces feelings of calm & relaxation. Mint soothes & calms & combined with the coffee & epsom relieves muscle tension. Vitamins a & e energise & soften your skin. Medium to rough exfoliation. Suitable for all skin types.


Hemp & rosemary

This exfoliating scrub smells of  fresh herbal  rosemary. Packed with amino acids & anti bacterial rosemary oil to boost collagen production & maintain skin elasticity. Almond oil softens skin & removes impurities from your pores. Olive oil smooths & moisturises. Light to medium exfoliation. Suitable for all skin types.


Himalayan + lavender

Relax, unwind & improve your sleep with this dreamy lavender scented salt scrub & bath soak. Himalayan & australian sea salts help balance the pH of your skin while working as a natural exfoliator removing dead skin cells, excess dirt & oils & other impurities. Strong exfoliating properties. Lavender is calming. It reduces stress & tension while helping to improve sleep & anxiety.


Sugar & fruit bellini 

A fresh & fruity invigorating scrub with a peachy citrus scent. Combines australian grown olive & sweet almond oils with certified organic sugar cane, glycolic acid & coconut shell to exfoliate & moisturise. Leaves your skin glowing & feeling smooth & soft. Suitable for all skin types.