clay face mask

A little bottle of clay based goodness for your face. Lightly exfoliating yet gentle treatments for a home spa experience. Certified palm oil free and vegan. Made in australia. Packaged in a reusable and recyclable glass bottle.  



A powdered clay mask with nopal powder from the edible fleshy pads of the prickly pear that are full of vitamins A, C and K. They combine to stimulate cell turnover and elasticity leaving your skin smoother and brighter. Aloe vera  gently soothes irritations and redness while kaolin draws out impurities without stripping your skin of natural oils. Suitable for all skin types. 



A silky light breakout banishing hemp clay mask that's perfect for all skin types including sensitive and dry. Contains omega 3 from hemp, green tea and aloe vera to leave your skin smoother and pores tighter. Anti-inflammatory properties help to heal dry irritated or acne prone skin. Kaolin absorbs impurities without removing natural oils. 



A pink clay powdered mask blended with soothing and calming chamomile and lavender as well as rosehip to stimulate collagen. Pink clay gives a gentle exfoliation to help restore and replenish skin with moisture while coaxing out impurities. Great for reducing irritation and inflammation for skin conditions like acne. Suitable for all skin types.