leif hand wash

Gorgeous australian made hand wash that's cleansing yet gentle on your skin. All natural ingredients including pure essential oils. Follow with boronia, buddha wood, kakadu plum or flannel flower hand balms to hydrate and gently scent your hands. Vegan and cruelty free. 500ml reusable pump bottle made from RPET which has 50% recycled materials.


buddha wood 

Deeply aromatic buddha wood captures the earthy aroma of the outback. It has a calming and grounding effect. Sandalwood is a warming scent that soothes stress and tension. Sweet orange oil is a bright citrus scent with uplifting properties. Cedarwood oil is a natural antiseptic that elevates moods.



Lillypilly is an australian native super fruit that packs a potent punch rich in vitamin c and antioxidants with fruit acids that gently exfoliate. Eucalyptus oil revives, refreshes and purifies with potent anti-bacterial properties. Tea tree oil cleanses, disinfects and purifies while restoring and stimulating tired skin.



This humble brown wildflower is prized for its unique complex fragrance. Native to western australia it blooms for just two weeks each winter. Floral notes with the green freshness of cassis. Boronia oil is high in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties. Combined with oud, nutgrass, patchouli and bergamot to produce an aroma that has woody, spice and floral notes. 


flannel flower 

Flannel flower is a beautiful australian native that is a potent source of antioxidants and has a fresh green scent. Combined with cedarwood which has a grounding aroma that is slightly sweet and woody and vetiver with its exotic aroma, calming benefits and floral green undertones.