leif hand balm

Australian made subtly scented hydrating hand balm with super nourishing australian botanical extracts rich in antioxidants. All natural ingredients including pure essential oils. Vegan and cruelty free. 75ml tube. Flannel flower is 100ml tube. Partner with leif hand washes. 


buddha wood 

Buddha wood oil has a distinctive woody scent and unique earthy essence creating a calming grounding effect. Sandalwood oil improves mental alertness and reduces stress. Sweet orange oil has uplifting properties.


kakadu plum 

This luscious vanilla scented hand balm combines macadamia nut oil. with kakadu plum which has the highest concentration of vitamin c of any fruit improving skin appearance and reducing irritation. Macadamia nut oil has natural moisturising properties and restores suppleness to dry stressed skin. Quandong extract is high in essential fatty acids and vitamin c.



This humble brown wildflower is prized for it's unique botanical profile and complex fragrance. Native to western australia it blooms for just a couple of weeks each year. Floral notes combined with the green freshness of cassis. Boronia oil is combined with oud, nutgrass, patchouli and bergamot essential oils to produce an aroma that has woody, spice and floral notes. 


flannel flower

Flannel flower is a beautiful australian native that is a potent source of antioxidants and has a fresh green scent. Combined with cedarwood which has a grounding aroma that is slightly sweet and woody and vetiver with its exotic aroma, calming benefits and floral green undertones.