australian natives tea

Certified organic teas hand blended in sydney by nutritionist and herbalist Chalimah using quality ingredients and thoughtful combinations of organic and wildcrafted botanicals. 100% australian certified organic ingredients in recyclable compostable packaging.


Australian breakfast 

A classic with a twist. This multi award winning tea is a rich aromatic morning tea combining a black tea base with lemon myrtle and eucalyptus. Sweet aromatic lemon notes are boosted with warm woody tones and invigorating eucalyptus. Enjoy hot with or without milk and honey.

Ingredients orange pekoe black tea leaf, lemon myrtle, eucalyptus leaf


Australian bush blush 

An incredibly vibrant and refreshing tisane of tangy bush quangdong and zesty native lemon with tart cranberry like hibiscus flowers. Enjoy hot or cold. Naturally caffeine free. 

Ingredients organic lemon myrtle leaf, hibiscus flower and wild crafted bush quangdong 


Australian wattleseed 

This award winning tea is a warm aromatic blend combining black tea with roasted wattleseed and sweet cinnamon spice. Enjoy hot with or without milk and honey. Wattleseed naturally contains caffeine. 

Ingredients  organic orange pekoe black tea, organic cinnamon bark, roasted wattleseed. 


Outback chai

An intoxicating and award winning chai combining wild outback spices. A blend of roasted wattleseed and soothing tasmanian pepperberry. Serve hot with or without milk and honey.  

Ingredients Organic Rooibos, organic ginger root and cinnamon bark and wildcrafted roasted wattleseed and tasmanian pepper berry. Naturally caffeine free.