organic iced tea

Certified organic herbal teas crafted with the philosophy of purity & beauty. Ingredients have been carefully selected for their therapeutic properties & flavour. Hand blended in sydney by nutritionist, herbalist & naturopath Chalimah Jeanne using high quality ingredients & thoughtful combinations of organic & wildcrafted botanicals. The iced tea range is perfect if you are looking for a healthy refreshment for hot summer days. The blends are loose leaf & hand blended with no added sugar or additives. They also make a great base for iced tea cocktails.


Earl grey A classic blend with a twist. Lavender & rose petals added to a black tea base. Low levels of caffeine with a naturally high portion of anti-oxidants allowing for a comforting & energy restoring boost.

Ingredients Earl grey black tea, rose petals, lavender


Lemon lime bitters A charismatic & revitalising citrus taste with a relaxing & cooling effect. Lemon myrtle, lime flowers & lemon peel are combined with loose leaf herbs beneficial for calming the nervous system.

Ingredients Lemon myrtle, lemon verbena, lime flowers & leaves, elder flowers, yarrow flowers, orange peel, lemon peel.


Ruby rose elderberry A tart fruity blend with a rosy bouquet bursting with aromas. Rosehips & hibiscus add a hint of floral tones. Incredibly refreshing & relaxing with added benefits of supporting your immune system.

Ingredients Elderberry, rosehips, rosella, rose petals


Turklsh delight The perfect blend for those of us with a sweet tooth. An amazing aroma with hints of spice cinnamon. 

Ingredients Dried apple pieces, rose petals, hibiscus, cinnamon