kayuragi incense sticks

Made in tokyo japan these fragrant incense sticks will beautifully scent your space. Packaged in a minimal wooden box with a patterned cardboard cover inspired by kimono designs. Box contains 40 incense sticks with a burn time of 25 minutes each and a mini ceramic incense holder. Clean burning with a pure scent. 


cherry blossom

alluring fragrance of sweet cherry blossoms or sakura in full bloom.



vivid crisp and refreshing ginger with its warm aroma.




smooth and clean notes of japanese green tea. 


japanese cypress (hinoki)

refreshing and relaxing woody scent of cypress that's perfect for burning when relaxing, reading or taking a nice long bath. 


mikan orange

delicious sun ripened mikan orange, a favourite in japan.



green floral notes of velvety narcissus florals. 



delight in the sweet fruity scent of osmanthus. 



rich aroma of ripe red plums combined with sweet plum blossoms. 



fresh fruity with subtle sour notes.



rich and deep woody fragrance of sandalwood that's perfect for relaxing. 



luxuriate in the refined floral notes of purple wisteria. 


Dimensions 3 x 16 x 2.5 cm