herb & earth incense

Natural bamboo incense made with all natural plant based oils. 20 sticks with a burn time of approximately 30 minutes each. Handmade in vietnam for nippon kodo japan.


jasmine (no.11)

An alluring rich green and floral fragrance. Jasmine has a sensual scent and helps alleviate tension and anxiety.


bergamot (no.10)

A delicate fresh citrus fragrance with a sunny disposition. One of the worlds most popular scents for its calming and uplifting properties. 


white sage (no.08)

A clear fresh purifying fragrance that is warmly woody and herbaceous.


matcha (no.06)

Refreshing soft and green notes that are popular for its therapeutic properties. 


sandalwood (no.03)

Warm woody fragrance that is hugely popular for its calming properties.


patchouli (no.01)

A deep exotic earthy fragrance that will relax and ground.


cedar (no.02)

A nostalgic woody fragrance with calming properties. 


frankincense (no.07)

Purifying rich botanic fragrance with a wonderful complexity. 


lavender (no.04)

A clean pure scent renowned for its calming and relaxing properties. 


lemongrass (no.09)

Crisp sweet fragrance with an exotic note that is wonderfully invigorating.


rose (no.05)

A delicate uplifting floral fragrance that can reduce stress. 


vanilla (no.12)

A classic enchanting fragrance that lifts the mood.


Dimensions 30 cm long