hibi incense

When is a matchbox not a matchbox? A hibi incense stick lights with a single strike on the side of its box (just like a match) giving off a gentle fragrance. Made with care in japan by skilled crafts people from natural paper fibres, charcoal, wax & incense powder. Beautifully boxed in an undeniably japanese style they come in a range of delicate fragrances. Enjoy ten minutes of quiet escape from the every day. Eight sticks in a box gives 80 minutes of aromatic calm. 


Lemongrass (001) - a refreshing aroma with dry grassy notes. The revitalising scent of lemongrass balances bright citrus with a hint of earthy greenery.


Lavender (002) - an elegant floral fragrance. The aroma of lavender invites relaxation & rest with its classic warmth. Lavender incense is ideal for soothing the nervous system as part of a bedtime ritual.


Rose geranium (003) - a perennial favourite this fragrance blends deep rosy warmth with cheerful green notes for a sweetly harmonious pick me up.


Ylang ylang (004) - a heady & exotic aroma with tropical notes reminiscent of jasmine, ylang ylang is the ultimate floral fragrance, romantic & strong without being overpowering.


Tea tree (005) - a clean spicy fragrance with cool refreshing properties, tea tree lifts the spirits, focuses the mind & helps to dispel stale energy.


Citronella (006) - with its fresh & bright citrus notes, this lovely light fragrance is ideal for revitalising your living space. Insects don't like it but humans do so it's also perfect to pack when travelling.


Olive (007) - sweet airy scent balancing complex smokiness with floral notes. Calming & light. 


Yuzu - prized for its aroma & distinctive flavour, the zest & juice of the yuzu fruit contribute a citrus dimension to food, it's essential oil is uplifting.


Cinnamon - the sweet warm scent of cinnamon is unmistakable.


Japanese cypress - made from hinoki wood which is used to build temples & shrines. Japanese cypress has a distinctive smooth, dry & smoky aroma.


Sandalwood - a classic warm & woody scent. Significant in many religious ceremonies, sandalwood is perfect for meditation & reflection.  


Ambergris - scenting the air with complex oriental sweetness, cut with rich, smoky wood notes, ambergris evokes a dramatic & seductive ambience.


Cedarwood - the scent of a japanese cypress forest, spicy & resinous. Oils from the cedar tree have been used for millennia for healing. Cedarwood intensifies concentration & has grounding & soothing properties for agitated minds.


Oak moss - a beautiful balance of sweet green moss & aged timber tones, this soft blend conjures a sense of new growth & rich earthy warmth.