viva natural deodorant

Handmade in a rural darwin studio surrounded by mango trees these gorgeous products are lovely to use and all natural.  Compostable plastic free packaging makes them zero waste. Biodegradable, vegan, silicone free and palm oil free. An all natural magnesium enriched stick deodorant that neutralises odour and absorbs moisture. Glides on with a smooth finish and won't damage the balance of your natural microbiome. Scented with calming blends of essential oils. Perfect for sensitive skin. 


lemongrass & basil

Clean and green notes of basil and citrusy lemongrass.


sensitve neutral scent

This blend has been designed for those with sensitive skin and is free of added essential oils. Neutral scent. 


cinnamon & patchouli 

A sweet spicy and woody blend. 


patchouli & rose

Sweet musky patchouli and rose creates an exotic blend with light woody tones and gentle floral notes. 


chamomile & jasmine

A super fresh light combination of herbal chamomile blended with sweet floral jasmine. 


lemon myrtle & cinnamon 

A lovely herbal combination of sweet woody cinnamon with a burst of lemon myrtle freshness.


spearmint & sage 

Minty fresh spearmint blended with woody herbal sage and a burst of citrus like lemongrass.



Clean light lavender teamed with gentle citrus tones of palmarosa will keep you fresh for hours.