viva natural deodorant

Handmade in a rural darwin studio surrounded by mango trees these brightly packaged products are lovely to use & all natural. Made from solid bars so no bottles or jars required. Plastic free packaging & compostable boxes making them truly zero waste. Biodegradable, vegan, silicon free & certified palm oil free. An all natural magnesium enriched stick deodorant that neutralises odour & absorbs moisture. Glides on with a smooth finish & won't damage the balance of your natural microbiome. 


Lemongrass & basil

Clean & green notes of basil & lemongrass 


Sensitve neutral scent

This blend has been designed for those with sensitive skin & is free of added essential oils. Neutral scent. 


Cinnamon & patchouli 

A sweet spicy & woody blend. 


Patchouli & rose

A refreshing scent with light woody tones & gentle floral notes.