viva natural perfume

Handmade in a rural darwin studio surrounded by mango trees these gorgeous products are lovely to use and all natural. Compostable plastic free packaging makes them zero waste. Biodegradable, vegan, silicone free and palm oil free. Dab a small amount on your pulse points. Made with plant based essential oils, cocao butter, shea butter, vitamin e, rosemary leaf extract and sunflower oil. Perfect for in your bag or travelling. 


patchouli rose

Beguiling fusion of sweet and musky creating an exotic blend that will leave you smelling divine and feeling calm.


cedarwood rose

An enticing blend of sweet floral mixed with clean fresh wood notes to revitalise the senses.


cinnamon orange and patchouli

A refreshing soothing combination of sweet citrus with rich woody notes of an exotic spice blend. 


lavender and ylang ylang

Clean fresh bursts of lavender combined with exotic creamy ylang ylang to encourage rest, relaxation and lightness. 



Immerse yourself in the essence of moonlit forests. Combining the earthy freshness of black spruce and evergreen harmonising with fresh floral notes of lavender. 



Velvety chamomile combines with invigorating bursts of fresh herbs and zesty citrus notes. Peru balsam gives a luxurious depth. 



Subtle and sophisticated this earthy fragrance features australian sandalwood oil complemented by rich amyris wood oil and peru balsam oil with woody undertones of cedarwood and buddha wood oils. 



Journey through a garden of enchanting scents combining earthy cedarwood, fresh citrus petitgrain, fresh floral lavender, sweet resinous peru balsam, warm woody amyris and rose geranium.