wavertree & london soap

These deliciously scented australian made soaps are made in australia by artisan soap makers using traditional french triple milling techniques. French milled soap is long lasting, non drying and has an extra creamy lather. Enriched with pure organic shea butter these bars will leave your skin soft and moisturised. 


100s & 1000s

One for the sweet tooths. Sweet vanilla, coconut and maple syrup with rich notes of ripe red berries and orange zest. 


Banana split 

Deliciously scented with notes of banana, cream, caramel and vanilla ice cream. Perfect for little kids and big kids alike. 


Basil lime & mandarin

Sweet peppery basil and delicious mandarin with a hint of fresh clean Jamaican lime. 



Happy days at the beach. Warm golden sand, clean fresh breezes and an endless blue ocean.


Black fig

Blackberry and vanilla notes of exotic black figs with a nuance of musk and cedar. 



Sophisticated and stylish with fruity notes of raspberry, green apple and citrus as well as cassis, geranium, musk and amber.


Espresso martini

Notes of creamy espresso, white florals and amber. 


Frangipani & gardenia 

Exotic tropical white flower fragrances of opulent gardenias and island frangipani. 


French pear

The rich fragrance of a perfect normande pear with hints of spice and vanilla.


French sea salt

Sea salt mineral extracts from the camargue region of france combine with organic shea butter to refresh and revive your skin.


Gin & tonic

A perfect english summer day with fragrances of lemon, orange peel, juniper berries and a bittersweet base of cedar and vetiver. 



A fairy tale classic with notes of brown sugar, buttery ginger and honey. 



Classic floral with ginger flower, lily, tuberose, nepalese lemongrass with notes of patchouli and spicy cardamom. 



An exotic mix of calabrian bergamot, black cocoa with a hint of ylang ylang creates a rich musky scent. 


Honey & almond

Rich fragrance of pure golden victorian honey and buttery almonds.


Lemongrass & lemon myrtle

Nepali lemongrass essential oil combined with australian native lemon myrtle oil gives a citrus zing. 



The classic negroni cocktail is seductive and effortlessly cool. This fragrant soap like the negroni has notes of blood orange, warm spices and oak. 


Peach bellini

Venice 1930s the peach bellini cocktail is invented at harry's bar. 


Pineapple coconut & lime 

Classic summer fragrance. The tangy sweet notes of tropical pineapple, creamy coconut with fresh lime. 


Pink peony

The heavenly fragrance of pink peony with hints of indulgent gardenia and intoxicating spices.



Italy in a glass. La dolce vita. 


Salted caramel 

A blissfully delicious delight of creamy vanilla with coconut, caramelised sugar and buttery caramel. 


Sandalwood & patchouli

Warm exotic fragrance of mysore sandalwood blended with rich earthy patchouli.


Sicilian orange

The fresh sweet fragrance of perfect oranges grown under a warm sicilian summer sun.


Strawberry shake

Sweet creamy and dreamy with notes of strawberry, coconut and vanilla ice cream. Delicious. 


Summer spritz

White wine, soda and tuscan summer. Fashionably seductive. 


Sweet pea & jasmine

Intoxicating floral fragrances of sweet pea and delicate jasmine combine with a hint of fresh melon. 


Vanilla bean

An exotic infusion of pure vanilla beans with notes of creamy caramel and musk. Magical, warm and unforgettable. 



Fresh fruity scent of summer. 


White orchid

An exotic and seductive fragrance with notes of bergamot, lily of the valley and white jasmine.